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Timesheets Not Posting or Showing as Posted


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One or more of the following occur:
-Timesheets that were submitted are not getting posted. They are still in the 'Approved' status.
-Reports actual hours/units show deficient/missing.


The Post Timesheets job checks the conditions of the below before it can set a timesheet status from 'Approved' to 'Posted'. 
  • timesheet
  • resource
  • investment 


A. The following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • The timesheet has been in the 'Approved' status for at least 5 minutes before running the Post Timesheets job
  • The time period is not closed

  • The resource is 'Open For Time Entry'
  • The resource track mode is set to 'Clarity PPM'

  • The investment is "Open For Time Entry"
  • The investment track mode is set.
  • The investment team entry is 'Open for Time Entry'

  • Is setting in Administration, Project Settings: "Allow posting of future timesheets" checkmarked?
    If not, the current time period has not yet ended, therefore the timesheet will not post.


B. Check if the Post Timesheets job has been completing.

Use the following query before, during, and after the Post Timesheets job run to check how many timesheets remain to be posted:

select count(1)
where prstatus = 3 --approved

C. If there is a custom timesheet process, make sure the conditions are met.

D. Check to see if the timesheet is locked.  If so, clear the lock as described in the KB under Resolution

TMA-0111 error when saving timesheet

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