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CA Datacom/AD MUF now shows "(14.02)" in the DB00215I - CA Datacom/DB Version 14.0 (14.02). However, CA-11 started task DB00135I message shows only 14.0 with no additional "(14.02)". What is "(14.02)" and how to confirm Lpars using same maintenance level?


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I just applied maintenance to my CA Datacom/AD Version 14.0 for use with CA Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers (aka CA-11). Now my CA Datacom/AD Multi-user (MUF) shows "(14.02)" in the message:

    DB00215I - CA Datacom/DB Version 14.0 (14.02)

However, my CA-11 started task DB00135I CONNECT and DB00136I DISCONNECT messages shows only 14.0 with no additional "(14.02)".

What is "(14.02)" and how can I confirm that my CA-11 started tasks are using the level of Datacom maintenance?


DB00135I CONNECT and DB00136I DISCONNECT correctly only show the version 14.0.
"(14.02)" in the DB00215I message indicates that a set of enhancement PTFs for CA Datacom/DB had been applied (see informational RI86001 which discusses 14.02).
One way to determine that all of your Lpar instances are using the same maintenance level is to run a simple batch DBUTLTY on each Lpar with ",PARM='/PGMDT=ccyymmdd'".  cyymmdd could be a very early date, such as ",PARM='/PGMDT=20010101'" so as not to limit the display of any DB00215I messages. With that PARM, any DBUTLTY execution will show the level (RMID) of each module being loaded by DBUTLTY. 
For example, using CA Datacom/AD 14.0 INSTJCL(AD14CXXR) change:
       ... and run the job on each Lpar.
Then review the DB00248I - PARM PGMDT=... displayed messages in each of the DBUTLTY jobs from each Lpar.
They should be identical if using the same level of maintenance.
Additional Information:
TEC1191855 CA Datacom Multi-user (MUF) and DBUTLTY jobs can issue “DB00248I - PARM PGMDT” messages to display the module maintenance level of each module that is being loaded by MUF or DBUTLTY. Is there a way to determine the maintenance levels (RMID) for all load modules via CA Sysview?


Release: DATABB00200-14-Datacom/AD