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Datacom RMID values via CA Sysview


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Datacom DATACOM - AD


CA Datacom Multi-user (MUF) and DBUTLTY can issue “DB00248I - PARM PGMDT” messages to display the module maintenance level (RMID) of each module that is being loaded by PGM=DBMUFPR or PGM=DBUTLTY. 

CA Sysview can also provide RMID information.

How to determine the maintenance levels (RMID) for all load modules via CA SYSVIEW?




CA Sysview has a line command:   LMID

LMID invokes the LISTDIR command with the MODID keyword for the selected data set.

In CA Sysview, 

 - Enter command “ASID jobname” (of your MUF or running DBUTLTY job address space)

 - Enter command “DSALLOC” (to see the data sets including the STEPLIB allocated to the anchored ASID)

 - Enter line command “LMID”  (in the Cmd column to the left of the desired load library)


Notice the “FixLevel“ shows the level for each module when an RMID(rmid) value is present.



Some sample displays...



DSALLOC  results…

Jobname DLV1M151  ASID 0088  Jobid JOB24657                               
Interval   n/a                                                            
Cmd      DDname   DatasetName                                  Volser Devn
         IEFINDMY DUMMY                                                    
         STEPLIB  DCMLV1.BD151.LV1151BG.V151.CUSLIB            TSU016 8C1F
         .        DCMPS.DATCM151.PRD.CABDLOAD                  DCMSPD 224F
         PXX      DCMLV1.BD151.LV1151BG.PXX                    TSU025 8C6D
         SYSPRINT SYSOUT=*                                                
         STATUSJB SYSOUT=*                                                
         SNAPER   SYSOUT=*                                                
         CAOESTOP SYSOUT=*                                                
         SYSIN    DCMLV1.BD151.LV1151BG.V151.CUSMAC            TSU032 8C79
         ABNLIGNR DUMMY                                                   
         PXXML01  SYSOUT=X                                                 
         PXXCBS01 SYSOUT=X                                                
         PXXSQL01 SYSOUT=X                                                
         PXXDD01  SYSOUT=X                                                
         PXXDST01 SYSOUT=X                                                
         CXX      DCMLV1.BD151.LV1151BG.CXX                    TSU028 8C80
         LXX      DCMLV1.BD151.LV1151BG.LXX                    TSU002 8C0E
         FXX      DCMLV1.BD151.LV1151BG.FXX                    TSU128 8C6B
         RESTART  SYSOUT=X     
        … more…                                          

Type LMID in the Cmd column of the DSALLOC display for the specified load library.

LMID display of a portion of the results...


Dsn  DCMPS.DATCM151.PRD.CABDLOAD                   Volser DCMSPD  Unit 3390-9
Mbrs   815  DirBlk   127  Used   127  LRecl     0  BlkSize 32760  RecFm U    
Cmd  Name     TTR    Alias-Of IdName   Release Bld  FixLevel AsmDate  AsmTm
     DBACRPR  000615          DBACRPR  r15.1        SO01724  04/30/18 10:21  
     DBACUPR  00065A          DBACUPR  r15.1        SO03827  07/13/18 13:10  
     .        .               DDCALL   r15.1        RO91719  08/23/16 17:22  
     DBAFNPR  000464          DBAFNPR  r15.1        RO93454  12/07/16 18:23  
     DBASTPR  000015          DBASTPR  r15.1                 12/31/15 11:45  
     DBBFLPR  00049B          DBBFLPR  r15.1        RO94095  01/23/17 18:31  
     DBBFMPR  000662          DBBFMPR  r15.1        SO04538  08/10/18 18:19  
     DBBFWPR  000653          DBBFWPR  r15.1        SO04298  07/13/18 12:10  
     DBBLDPR  000016          DBBLDPR  r15.1                 12/31/15 11:45  
     DBCAPPR  000633          DBCAPPR  r15.1        SO01804  06/05/18 12:47  
     DBCCIPR  000017          DBCCIPR  r15.1                 12/31/15 11:45  
     DBCCMPR  000436          DBCCMPR  r15.1        RO92436  10/28/16 15:05  
     DBCDRPR  000313          DBCDRPR  r15.1                 12/31/15 11:45  
     .        .               BEGIN    r15.1                 12/31/15 11:46  
     DBCDSPR  000314          DBCDSPR  r15.1                 12/31/15 11:46  
     .        .               BEGIN    r15.1                 12/31/15 11:46  
     DBCFMPR  0005F0          DBCFMPR  r15.1        RO99997  03/07/18 13:39      
     … more…