IM cannot connect to archive: No valid internet connection to ''. Cannot download probes.
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IM cannot connect to archive: No valid internet connection to ''. Cannot download probes.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When clicking on a hub archive you receive the error noted in the KB Article title.

Additional dialog will ask you "Do you want to turn off future attempts to contact the Internet Archive?"

IM window when Archive icon is selected shows:
"Internet Archive Mode: N/A" in red.

Other options appear to work fine including direct web download of probes from the same machine running IM.

Under Infrastructure Manager, Tools->Options, within the Internet Archive section of the dialog, customer portal userid and password have already been entered/configured and checkboxes selected.


Release: UIM


 There are any number of reasons this connection may fail including firewalls, proxy, general network issues, DNS cache, etc.


On the local primary hub:

1. Check if the local firewall is blocking the connection:

   Depending on OS:

   - Windows firewall
   - firewalld/iptables is disabled
   - SELinux is disabled

2. Use nslookup from the primary hub to determine the IP address of the support site/archive site,
    (Do an nslookup on and

Check if both and resolve to IP addresses using nslookup.

3. Try to telnet to the support site over port 80:

telnet 80
telnet 80

To check for a successful connection.

4. Verify login to with your credentials.

5. Verify you have the credentials configured in the IM under Tools->Options.

6. If all else fails you can check the connection from the IM session to the Internet Archive using Wireshark. It may also be advisable to have your your network team check at the firewall/router level, proxy's, etc. Also check things like antivirus, local security (zone alarm etc), which may be getting in the way.

7. If nothing seems to be working, uninstall the Infrastructure Manager client and/or local Nimsoft Infrastructure (hub) installation (if this is just a desktop/laptop accessing the primary hub via IM), then reinstall the appropriate version of Infrastructure Manager (IM) for your NMS version and reboot.



When you install IM, the SOAP-runtime-TK3 program is also installed. To FULLY uninstall IM, BOTH programs must be uninstalled from the IM server:

From Control Panel->Programs and Features, UNINSTALL the following 2 programs on the IM client:

1. Nimsoft Infrastructure Manager
2. SOAP-runtime-TK3

Make sure that you delete ALL the files when uninstalling Nimsoft IM.  After both are uninstalled, make sure that the C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\MSSoap directory and its contents are also removed. If not, then manually remove them.

Then reinstall Nimsoft Infrastructure Manager.

The IM connection issue to the Nimsoft Online Archive should then be resolved and probes can be downloaded from the local archive on the hub via rt-click->download.

Additional Information

In some cases, the issue was found to be due to the use of web filtering/proxy in the customer's network.

Both IM and AC when you access the archive, log into, then after authenticating your credentials, redirect to It is this redirect that many firewalls and security software do not like and block. Your network team should be able to see this in the logs and should be able to allow it.