Validating Workspace One Access 3.3.x (formerly VMware Identity Manager) health
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Validating Workspace One Access 3.3.x (formerly VMware Identity Manager) health


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VMware Aria Suite


This article provides a list of steps to validate the health for Workspace One Access 3.3.x (formerly VMware Identity Manager) used with the VMware Aria Suite products.


VMware Identity Manager 3.3.x
VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.x



Validating Health from the User Interface (UI)

  1. Login to the Admin Console using the admin user account https://vIDMFQDN
Note: System Domain is required for this login.
  1. Access the System Diagnostic page to validate the appliance health.
  2. If configured in a cluster, validate that Postgres is reporting healthy.
    1. Login to VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle and validate the Global Environment Health.
    2. Trigger a Postgres Cluster health.
    3. Confirm there is no Health Notification.
      1. If one exists, access the notification pane and confirm if the problem is due to the root password not updated in Locker. If required, remediate the passwords following Remediating passwords updated outside of VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.
      2. If the root password is updated in Locker, Troubleshooting VMware Identity Manager postgres cluster deployed through vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager
    4. If you receive a message similar to the image below, validate the config-state.json file is not corrupted by following instructions found in HW-134096 - VMware Identity Manager Connector may fail to communicate due to config-state.json corruption.

Validating Services from the Command Line Interface (CLI)

  1. Confirm available disk space by reviewing the output of the below command:
    df -h
  2. Confirm the below services are running.
    service horizon-workspace status; service elasticsearch status; /etc/init.d/opensearch status; service pgService status; service vpostgres status
Note: Elasticsearch is removed from vIDM versions 3.3.7 and above. It is replaced by OpenSearch. The PgService runs only in clustered environments. See KB75080 referenced previously in this article for additional information on validating a Postgres cluster from the CLI.
  1. Confirm DNS is configured properly by running the following commands and validating their output:
    nslookup $( iface-ip eth0); nslookup $( uname -n)

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