Activating SD-WAN Edge with a static IP
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Activating SD-WAN Edge with a static IP


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VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud


There may be situations where a SD-WAN Edge (VCE) may need to have static IP configurations in order to connect to the internet and be activated. This article provides steps on how to manually configure a WAN interface using the Edge's local UI.


VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud


  1. Connect to the device's local network. You can connect via an Ethernet LAN port or use Wi-Fi if supported by the device.
    • For Wi-Fi, the default SSID is velocloud-[XXX], where XXX are the last 3 digits of the SN. ExampleThe password is vcsecret
  2. Once connected to the device you can access local UI typing either or in the browser address bar.
  3. The local UI page will load.
  4. Click on: review the configuration 
  5. Double click on the desired WAN routed interface to modify it.
  6. In the interface properties view, select addressing static and fill all the needed fields
  7. After you save the configuration, you will be prompted for authentication.
Default credentials
Username: admin
Password: admin

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