DX UIM apm_bridge probe is not sending the correct inventory to DX OI
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DX UIM apm_bridge probe is not sending the correct inventory to DX OI


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DX Operational Intelligence DX OI SaaS DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have deployed the DX UIM apm_bridge probe but the inventory is not correct in DX Operation Intelligence.


- DX OI onpremise 2x / DX OI SaaS

- DX UIM apm_bridge 1.0.9


The problem is related to defect # DE590399

List of fixes:

1. Fix to resolve the issue of fetching UIM devices details. 
   Attached uimapi-20.4.9-20240106.130636-39.zip

2. Fix to get the older CI Vertices which has more than 2 days of alive time
   To adjust the date we provided a new configuration parameter inventory_alive_time_days available in the setup section

3. Fix to avoid payload size problem : fix for vertex chunks payload to reduce the chunks based on space (1024 kb)
    Attached apm_bridge-1.0.9-testBuild_T3.zip

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- UIMAPI changes are part of 23.4 release

- apm_bridge code changes will be part of next apm_bridge relese.

  1. Download attached apm_bridge-1.0.9-testBuild_T3.zip 
  2. Import the zip files in UIM Archive either using IM or adminconsole 
  3. Deploy the probes to the robot where apm_bridge probe is deployed.
  4. Wait for the probe to start 
  5. Verify the issue


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uimapi-20.4.9-20240106.130636-39.zip get_app
apm_bridge-1.0.9-testBuild_T3.zip get_app