Messaging Gateway 10.9 release notes and late breaking news
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Messaging Gateway 10.9 release notes and late breaking news


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Release notes and late breaking information for Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) 10.9


System Status and Outage Information

Symantec Messaging Gateway Status

Release Notes

Late Breaking News


What's new in 10.9.0

Key Features

  • OIDC Support - Support Single-Sign-On authentication for administrators and Quarantine users.
  • REST API Support - Support for REST API access to query and monitor the email processing events reported to the
    Message Audit Log as well as host and mail queue status for SMG via your preferred REST tool.

Feature changes and updates

  • The ability to set the ciphers used for secure control center connections.
  • The ability to set a policy condition to act on file encryption status.
  • The ability to collect diagnostics data that includes enduser preferences.
  • The ability to import DKIM certificate files that include CRLF at the end of any lines in the certificate file.
  • Spam quarrantine summary now includes both friendly and unfriendly addresses together.
  • SMG now provides the ability to delete all stats files with the CLI command, delete statsdata.

Issues addressed with the 10.9.0 release