Localization export is missing ppm_ux_resource.properties
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Localization export is missing ppm_ux_resource.properties


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Steps to Reproduce:

1. Enable Localizations (Beta) as per Localize Clarity to Support Languages No Longer Supported by Broadcom (Beta)
2. Choose 'Norwegian' as the 'Language'
3. Click on 'Export Captions'
4. Extract the .zip file
5. Check if ppm_ux_resource.properties exists

Expected Results: ppm_ux_resource.properties exists

Actual Results: ppm_ux_resource.properties is missing


Release : 16.1.3


The ppm_ux_resource.properties was for the 'Staffing Plan' workspace, that got removed in version 16.1.3. That is the reason why this file is no longer visible in the export.

If you are looking to localize tabs such as Resources, Roles etc., in the 'Resource' workspace, then the properties that needs alteration are:

  • global.menu.roles
  • global.menu.resources
  • global.menu.teams

These can be found in the ppm_ux_global.properties file.