IDMS Log Analyser license and ADDON install
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IDMS Log Analyser license and ADDON install


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Does IDMS Log Analyzer need an additional license or is it part of the current license agreement?

Does it need an ADDON install?



Release : 19.0


With IDMS Portfolio Simplification the IDMS tools are now available as part of the base  product. IDMS Log Analyzer is one of these tools, no further license is required.

The software is already installed but you will need to modify the product intent module RHDCPINT to indicate you will be using IDMS Log Analyzer. 
The module is in the CUSTOM.SRCLIB(RHDCPINT). Uncomment the following line:

         #DEFPINT LOGANALZ         CA IDMS Log Analyzer

See article 35346 What is and how to modify RHDCPINT (IDMS Product Intent Module)?

IDMS Log Analyzer also provides an SVC User Exit Module GSISVCX which writes addition user identification information to the IDMS Log.

If you want to add this exit to the SVC then you will need to run CAISAG to do an ADDON configuration for Log Analyzer. This will also generate the required JCL to assemble and link the exit with the SVC and also JCL for the RHDCPINT update. See article 206877 IDMS: ADDON install general guidelines.

Make a copy of the original VARBLIST first then modify the VARBLIST to specify YES for IDMS Log Analyzer .

Also use a different value for BEGINMEM to generate different member names from the original install.

These are the changes:

F7J000OP = YES        CA IDMS Log Analyzer 

F70ADDON = YES          CA IDMS Log Analyzer