DX AIOps - Relocating NFS storage
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DX AIOps - Relocating NFS storage


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CA App Experience Analytics DX Operational Intelligence DX Application Performance Management


Is it possible to relocate normal NFS on dx environment? Is it possible to copy files and restart the platform?


Release : 2x


1) Take the Postgres backup

2) Take the ES snapshot backup

3)  Until the new NFS server is functional please don;t remove the old server

4) In the new nfs server /etc/exports file point all other nodes and remove the same entries from the old NFS server and stop the nfs service

5) Stop all the platform.

6) Manually change PV and PVC definition for dxi ,dxi-backup and pv.dxi-axaservşces-amq-data to a new NFS host

7) Copy the files in to that new host

8) Restart the platform.

NOTE: If you are changing the NFS server better to copy complete nfs root folder not only the platform components)

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