Move CABI to a different server
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Move CABI to a different server


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


At times, it is required to move the UIM CABI installation from one server to a different server.

Whether if to change OS type, or because a server needs to be decommissioned or to move from On PREM to a Cloud server, what are the steps to migrate CABI to a different server? 

Can we keep the existing custom CABI Reports in the new CABI server? How can we export/import CABI Reports? 


Release : UIM 20.4.x, CABI 8.x




The steps for migrating your CABI to a Different Machine, regardless of the fact that is on-prem or cloud-based, would be the following:


1. Snapshot/Backup the Current CABI Server. + Make a local copy of CABI and WASP folders to be used to replicate any previous settings in the new server if needed. 

2. Snapshot/backup the new Target Server

2. Export any custom report from CABI 

a) find the custom report

b) right click and export:


3. Once all Reports are exported proceed with deleting CABI from the original server: 

Cabi cleanup process for uninstallation or reinstall (


4. Once CABI is completely uninstalled from the original server, deploy cabi on the target system following the Docs as a clean installation: 

Install or Upgrade for a Bundled CABI Server (


5. Once CABI is installed on the new machine re-establish any previous configuration such as HTTPS configuration, following the installation docs.  


6. Reimport the Exported CABI by importing the reports using

Manage > Server Settings > Import


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