How to uninstall and then reinstall CABI in UIM 20.4
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How to uninstall and then reinstall CABI in UIM 20.4


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


This KB Article provides a cabi cleanup guide and script to help automate the process of uninstalling cabi cleanly, so it can be reinstalled successfully.

3 Files are contained within the zip attached to this KB Article:

  • Cabi Cleanup Guide
  • Cabi Cleanup Script (Linux)
  • Cabi Cleanup Script (Windows)

The cleanup guide content is also included in the Resolution section for your convenience.


  • Release: 20.4, any CU
  • Cabi v7.50 and above
  • Windows OS
  • Linux OS


  • Guidance
  • cabi uninstall
  • cabi reinstall
  • outdated or incorrect cabi/wasp package versions



A step-by-step guide to uninstall cabi using the cabi-cleanup script is described below.

Step 1: Download the attached Cleanup Script file (within the file) based on the environment in which you need to run the cleanup (Windows or Linux).

The is for cabi installs in a Windows environment and for a Linux environment.

Step 2: Unzip it, and copy  the files into the Nimsoft folder on your cabi robot as shown below.

Step 3: Open the cabi batch file in the textpad/notepad and check if the name of the jre folder matches, and if not please change it in the batch/shell file and save it.

Note: There is no need to provide a complete JRE path. Simply provide the appropriate, correct folder name containing the Java inside the /jre folder.


Step 4: For Windows: Double click and run the batch file.

It will open in the Windows command line window.

For Linux:

   1. Navigate to the Nimsoft folder using the “cd” command.

   2. Issue the command-> chmod 755

   3. Issue the command-> chmod 755 cabicleanup.jar

   4. Then execute ./ and it will run the script.

Step 5: Enter your UIM credentials, e.g., administrator and password

Step 6: The cabi cleanup process will start and it should finish within a few minutes.

When the cabi cleanup process is completed, the first time you run through it/use it, you can verify that the cabi/wasp probes, cabi folders and Jaspersoft database tables have been deleted. Log details can be found inside the folder->  ~/ Nimsoft/cabicleanup

Additional Information

Please make sure that you have downloaded all of the correct packages/package versions for the DX UIM cumulative update (CU) you are applying.

Click this link to check based on the DX UIM version and CU.

DX Unified Infrastructure Management - Cumulative Updates & Patches

For CABI installation information and directions, please refer to:

CA Business Intelligence with DX UIM

See sections titled:

a. "Software Packages Supported with Specific CABI Versions"


b. "CABI Support Matrix"

After checking supported packages and versions as well as the support matrix, follow the CABI install or upgrade tech doc.

Install or Upgrade for a Bundled CABI Server

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