Chrome extension does not work properly with the browser version older than 88
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Chrome extension does not work properly with the browser version older than 88


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent Data Loss Prevention



You are using Chrome browser version 87 or lower with combination of DLP agent 15.8 and higher. The extension loads in the browser and is visible in the chrome://extensions configuration page of the browser. However you do not get any detection of data uploaded to any website and the agent shows a Critical status related to the Chrome browser status.



DLP Agent 15.8 or higher


A new DLP Chrome extension has been released, for DLP versions 15.8 and higher, to accommodate the new Chrome extension manifest version v3 as version v2 reached it's End of Life in January 2023.


Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser extensions for DLP agent based on manifest Version 3. (


As per Google documentation manifest version v3 is supported in Google Chrome browsers 88 and higher as per the below documentation:

Welcome to the Chrome Extension Manifest V3 - Chrome Developers


Due to this the DLP extension will not work properly with Chrome browsers older than version 88 which implemented support for the new manifest version.


The resolution to the issue is to update the Chrome version to version 88 or higher. Besides making it compatible with the DLP extension it will ensure better browser security as Chrome is continuously improving the browser and resolves detected vulnerabilities.