High memory usage observed after updating to SEF Engine 1.10.
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High memory usage observed after updating to SEF Engine 1.10.


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Endpoint Protection Endpoint Security


After upgrading to SEF Engine version 1.10, Endpoint Protection (SEP) and Endpoint Security (SES) utilize an increasing amount of memory, which eventually leads to memory exhaustion and a system crash. 


14.3 RU4 or later. 
SEF Engine 1.10

The dates for the SEF 1.10 release were:

EAS Starting May 16, 2023
Phased Release Starting May 23, 2023
Full Release June 6, 2023


Fixed an issue where a memory leak could potentially occur when files are remotely opened on a system. 

    • RU1, RU2, and RU3 agents are not affected
    • RU4, RU6 and RU7 agents are only affected if they have the Application Hardening feature enabled.  
    • All RU5 agents are affected (with and without the Hardening feature enabled).


  • If you are on 14.3 RU6 or later, as a workaround, you can uninstall the App Hardening feature from Endpoint Protection or Endpoint Security.
  • SEP 14.3 RU4 and RU5, developers have scheduled the new release for SEF 1.11 engine version in the following stages:

EAS - 7/27/23
Phased - 8/1/23
Full - 8/22/23

  • 14.3 RU8 will have the code fixed onboard.