Error code: The agent is revoked (0x80077003)
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Error code: The agent is revoked (0x80077003)


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IT Management Suite


There are a couple of client machines that are not able to communicate with the SMP Server.

The following log entry is present in the Agent logs:

Operation 'Direct: Post' failed.
Protocol: HTTP Host: 
Path: /altiris/NS/Agent/PostEvent.asp
Connection Id: 17802.5372
Communication profile Id: {101AFD5B-69E8-476B-9717-2AD9D4F085D7}
Throttling: 0 0 0 
Error type: SMP Server error
Error code: The agent is revoked (0x80077003)
Error note: HTTP Status 200: 200 OK


ITMS 8.x


In general, this error means that the agent public key is either not registered in the database or the revoked state is directly set in "SecurityResourceProtection" table for this agent (State field is 1).

It can be the result of:
  1. merges,
  2. CEM certificate revocation
  3. or agent registration revocation from the console 
This revocation means that "something bad" happened with the agent, which can't be resolved automatically due to security reasons.
  1. if the client machine was revoked. You can use the "Agent Registration Status" report  (under Reports>All Reports>Notification Server Management>Registration). KB 204333 "How to replace, renew, and revoke certificates in ITMS 8.x ..."

  2. See if you are improperly setting up your image if this client machine was recently imaged/re-imaged
    210118 "Client Machines are sending same UniqueID during Basic Inventory"
    240039 "Agent revocation after Deploying an image with agent included"
  3. Check if this client machine is been purged because of falling under the purging criteria for the "Purge outdated Agent Registration entries" option.


If this issue started happening after a migration to a new SMP Server,

Operation 'Direct: Post' failed. 
Url: HTTPS:// 
Connection path: 3 - Direct: [] -> [] 
Connection id: 1428.8820 
Communication profile id: {xxxxxxxx-7A71-4222-98D8-xxxxxxxxxxxx} 
Throttling: 1 10 50 
Connecton stage: Server connect 
Error type: SMP Server error 
Error code: The agent is revoked (0x80077003) 
Error note: SMP server failed the request 

review the following article:

"Some client machines are not reporting back after migrating them to a new SMP Server. Error note: SMP server failed the request" (KB 277129)


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