Upgrade tips for upgrading AAI Reporting Server 1.x to AAI Reporting Server 2.0
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Upgrade tips for upgrading AAI Reporting Server 1.x to AAI Reporting Server 2.0


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The AAI Reporting Server 2.0 was recently released, which upgrades the underlying JasperServer software and provides some additional functionality in reports.


Release : 6.4.5


Some things to keep in mind and check before the upgrade:

  • Google Chrome is required to be installed on the Reporting Server, this is requirement from Tibco(This can be bypassed in later 2.0 hot fix releases, but not all reports may be exportable without Google Chrome installed)
  • Make sure you can access the AAI website from the Insight server to verify port 8080(Or whichever port AAI is using) is open.
  • Verify you can access the http://<ReportingServer>:8080jasperserver-pro(Your port for the Reporting Server may be different) website from the AAI website to make sure the Reporting Server Port is is open in that direction as well
  • Verify the AAI database port is open between the Insight server and the the AAI database server
  • Make sure the termaBi-config.bat is in the root of the installation directory of the Reporting Server
  • Before starting the upgrade shutdown the Reporting Server Services, steps to do this are here
  • If you get an error like below during the upgrade, it may be due to a port conflict on 8005, which is the tomcat shutdown port, follow the steps in this link to finish the upgrade

     [echo] Deleting extra user jasper admin and update superuser's default password
     [java] Failed to delete user jasperadmin with DELETE http://localhost:8080/jasperserver-pro/rest_v2/organizations/organization_1/users/jasperadmin?j_username=superuser&j_password=superuser
     [java] org.springframework.web.client.ResourceAccessException: I/O error on DELETE request for "http://localhost:8080/jasperserver-pro/rest_v2/organizations/organization_1/users/jasperadmin?j_username=superuser&j_password=superuser": Connection reset; nested exception is java.net.SocketException: Connection reset

  • Once you finish the upgrade, please go through the configuration steps in the Web UI for the reporting server, by going to http://<AAI Server>:8080/aai/web/v1, going to System Tools->Reporting configuration and follow the prompts as you did when you originally setup the Reporting Server.
  • When configuring the reporting server make sure to first clear the browser cache that you are working with or you may see the error "Validation failed on Report server: invalid user input, please verify the fields first"

  • If the Reporting Server upgrade fails for any reason other then the port conflict, please share the output with support, but know that we can always uninstall and reinstall and nothing should be lost