MUX Status - new reports created with Status Date of Past
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MUX Status - new reports created with Status Date of Past


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Created a new Project in V16.1.1 via Modern UI. On checking the status of the newly created project the status report is generated with date 28-July-2021 which is a date of past, instead of todays date i.e. 20-March-2023. On creating a second status report it is creating correctly with todays date.

Created a new Status Report in Classic, and new record created with today's date.

The object attribute is set to Current Date and Time


Release : 16.1.1

Component: Clarity MUX Blueprints and Administration


The project is created from a template and in the template a Status Report exist with the report date of 28-July-2021.


1: In MUX go to project tab and configure view to show columns Originating Templates and Template

2: Identifying the template from which project is created go and remove the status report created in template

3: On deletion of status report from Project Template, the new reports created in Project built from Project Template will be generate with correct "Report Date"

Additional Information

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