Java Updates are failing to install
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Java Updates are failing to install


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IT Management Suite Patch Management Solution


Recently, the customer is trying to install newer versions of their Java updates.

A customer may see one of the following possible manifestations:

1. Customer sees Java updates as "failed" to install on the endpoints.

When he looks at the client machines, those updates appear as "Failed" status.

2. Customer doesn't see Java updates at all on the endpoints.

When the customer looks at the patch update policy, it has a message saying:

"Policy includes updates that require manual download. Upload missing updates to allow policy delivery"

When he looks at the "Advanced" tab for the update policy, all those Java updates appear with a red banner and the following message:

Manually downloaded update: missing

If you check the "Bulletins and Updates" report under Home>Patch Management, all those failed Java updates are set to "Yes" for the Manual column.

This means that we are not able to download the required files automatically and that the customer needs to provide the required files. 


ITMS Versions 8.5, 8.6, 8.7


Starting from Patch Management solution 8.6 RU3 (where manually downloaded updates support was introduced) Software Update (SWU) policies should not fail on endpoints if manually downloaded updates were not provided - there was a special logic added that prevents them from arriving on the endpoints at all (until updates are provided on the SMP server)*.
Try the following:
- versions with no manually downloaded updates support: Java policies fail to install, use instructions from KB172924 "Patching Java 8 after January 2019 changes" to resolve the problem
- versions with manually downloaded updates support: Java policies don't arrive on the endpoints, use instructions from the product documentation (sections "Install Support Updates that Do Not Have a Download URL" and "Manually Adding Downloaded Updates to an Existing SWU Policy") to resolve the problem
* If you don't see this working as designed then this is a defect and needs to be reported to our Engineering team.