UIM 20.4 CU6 Remove origin from the group device detail
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UIM 20.4 CU6 Remove origin from the group device detail


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


In OC - Device group - device detail we have several fields of information.

The interesting ones are "latest origin". But we would like to remove origin because that field contains the history of all possible origins that the server had in the past and is very confusing for clients.

How can we remove the field origin? Is this via a template or config file?



Release :UIM 20.4 CU6  w2016 sql2016


Working as designed.


This is a change request. The origin is needed in some use cases.

Actually, we are planning to have a feature to toggle the display of the fields in Device Details using Settings configuration.

If this change is important to you, We recommend submiting an idea using the following article: How to raise an enhancement request for UIM

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