Transfer cannot be cancelled
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Transfer cannot be cancelled


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XCOM Data Transport - z/OS


When we try to CANCEL a transfer via the  XCOM ISPF panel, the command is accepted but the transfer is still active.

We also tried to CANCEL it with the modify command and the result is the same.

This seems to happen with certain transfers and the only way to resolve this is by:

Restart the XCOM STC with  the parameter QSTART=HOLD, then cancel the transfer and restart again the XCOM STC with parameter QSTART=WARM. This procedure causes a service interrupt.

Why can't the transfer be canceled?



Release : 12.0

XCOM Data Transport for z/OS


Cancelling a transfer successfully depends of the state in which the transfer is at the time of the cancellation. In this case the transfer was in a state in which XCOM couldn't get a response back from either the network or the Remote partner. This means that control is not returned to the XCOM code, unless or until the transfer times out.


In this case there are only certain scenarios that can be followed to cancel/remove the transfer:

1. Find the root cause of what is causing the transfer to get into a state where it is in a "hung" state. It is suggested that the local and remote partner logs be reviewed, in addition to checking the network for any disruptions.

2. Review the following KD: Stop or Cancel a transfer with XCOM for z/OS

3. Change the transfer from a TYPE=SCHEDULE to a TYPE=EXECUTE. 

Finding the root cause of the problem is essential to prevent disruptions and/or manage the transfers. Otherwise, the XCOM server would have to be recycled.