Stop or Cancel a Transfer with XCOM for z/OS
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Stop or Cancel a Transfer with XCOM for z/OS


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With XCOM for z/OS, how do I Stop a Transfer? I Tried to Delete it, but it did not Work. Should I used Cancel or Terminate?


XCOM Data Transport for z/OS
Component: XCMVS
Release: All


The right modify command must be issued


One way to do this is to SUSPEND the transfer and then you will be able to work with it.

Otherwise, these modify commands are available.

NOTE: This only works if the transfer is locally initiated.  Remotely initiated transfers must be stopped on the partner side.

Depending on how you want to stop the transfer and whether you want to restart it again, there are several different commands you may use: These are all MODIFY commands. In each case XCOM refers to the name of the XCOM server started task- the name you use to start the XCOM server:

F XCOM,CANCEL,{*|destname}[,Immed|Purge|SUSPend]

           * - applies to all transfers

          destname - applies to all transfers to the specified destination lu, ipname or address

          Immed - cancel the transfer in progress and requeue

          Purge - abort the transfer and remove it from the pending queue

          SUSP - Suspend the transfer, saving the status (Can be RESUMED later)

F XCOM,DELete,nnnnnn

            nnnnnn - request number - removes the transfer from the pending queue.  

           This does NOT work for active transfers.

F XCOM,TERM,{luname|nnnnnn}

            luname - SNA luname only  

           nnnnnn - request number

           Immediately stops and purges an active transfer.

In cases where the transfer is hung

When modify commands do not work and the byte count for the transfer is not increasing, and the transfer is TCP/IP, check the timeout parameters in the server startup.
TIMEOUT=      (Type=SEND)
If set to 0, which means do not timeout, set to 00600 which is 5 minutes and recycle the XCOM server even if you have to cancel it.
  1. Set this parameter in the config member
  2. Recycle the XCOM server.
    This option performs a HOLD start of the server. It reads the XCOMRRDS transfer queue data set and builds requests for all pending work. The difference between HOLD and WARM is that all LOCALLY initiated transfer requests are placed in a HOLD status.
  3. Then when the server comes up, you should be able to delete the transfer.
  4. You can then set the parameter to
  5. Recycle XCOM which will bring up the server as normal

To avoid problems like this in the future, apply the latest maintenance on XCOM for z/OS 



Additional Information

NOTE: To find the request number for a transfer, issue the following command. destname is optional. The output is written to the XCOMLOG:

F XCOM,DISplay,[destname]

For more information about commands, see "Using the MODIFY Commands" in the XCOM for z/OS online documentation.