Resetting scoreboard back to baseline (all users)
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Resetting scoreboard back to baseline (all users)


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CA Service Desk Manager CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


The following procedure may be attempted to address widespread scoreboard issues across multiple users.


Release 17.3 and higher
CA Service Desk Manager


Run the following steps to have all scoreboards reset:

  1. Open a Command Prompt on the box where Service Desk is installed;
  2. Run the following command to take a backup of the table where the Scoreboard is registered:
    pdm_extract User_Query > usq_backup.dat
  3. Run the following command to extract the scoreboard queries for all users:
    pdm_extract -f "Select * from User_Query where obj_persid like 'cnt%'" > Users.dat 
  4. Run the following command to remove the scoreboard queries from the table:
    pdm_load -v -r -f Users.dat
    The -v flag will display each action taken by the command above. If you prefer, you can run the command as follows to keep the output for reference:
    pdm_load -v -r -f Users.dat > users_deleted.out
  5. Run the following command to refresh Service Desk cache:
    pdm_cache_refresh -t User_Query
    The next login done by any user will show the Default Scoreboard defined to his Access Type.

Additional Information

IMPORTANT: If just a few users need to have the scoreboard reset, then proceed with steps from KB Article 261077 above to each of them.