AppNeta - V35 Installation in VMWare Fusion
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AppNeta - V35 Installation in VMWare Fusion


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We need to test a V35 in a Mac.  How do we install?  How do I determine the password ?


You can use VMWare Fusion Player for Mac

1.  Choose the Import an Existing Virtual Machine 


2.  Select the .ova file which you downloaded from the AppNeta portal


3.  When the installation is complete, click Finish


4.  Click Finish.  The appliance will attempt its first reboot.

5.  You will reach a login window.  At this time, you can discover what the admin (root) password will be for your appliance.  To do this, click on Virtual Machine > Network Adapters > Network Adapters Settings:


6.  This will open the Network Adapters settings.  Click on Advanced Options towards the bottom:

In this example, the password is: 000C29253DF8

7.  Next you can log into the monitoring point using the username:

and the password you determined in the previous step.

8.  Determine the IP address of the appliance: 


9.  Use your browser and open the webui of the monitoring point:

10.  Enter the username (admin) and the password that was previously determined

11. Log into the new appliance.  We recommend changing the password.  Click on Monitoring Point Settings > Password.  Enter the current password and choose a new password, respecting the Password Requirements.



Submit the settings, to save the password

Additional Information

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