DLP User Tablespace Consumption Excessive
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DLP User Tablespace Consumption Excessive


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Data Loss Prevention Core Package Data Loss Prevention Oracle Standard Edition 2


The customer has noticed that the user tablespace has grown rapidly and despite deleting a large amount of incident data the user tablespace continues to grow and consume more disk space.

A full database report is generated and review of the report indicates that a considerable amount of space is being consumed by the indexes, a lot of this is empty space due to deleted incidents and may not be reused without proper configuration.




Verify your LOB_Tablespaces in the DLP database are in SecureFile mode.

For any such issues please open an initial ticket with Broadcom support and generate/include a full database summary report in the ticket, we will provide appropriate recommendations based on the report and engage our engineering team where required.

If necessary, the DLP Database Diagnostics report (also known as Database Summary) can be run manually: How To Run Database Tablespaces Summary "Full Report" manually