AppNeta - Monitoring Point is offline - initial procedures
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AppNeta - Monitoring Point is offline - initial procedures


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You may have a monitoring point that is not responding, or offline, or unreachable.  This article should help evaluate the initial steps to take to review the current current status.


If the monitoring point is not responding, start by checking the device's status:

1. What is the LED status of the Monitoring Point?   If there is no LEDs, you may want to unplug the power cable and reseat.  Also verify the power button on the front of the device has not been pushed in error.


You can find details of the monitoring points LED status  in the Tech Docs portal, by selecting your model.

2.  You can attempt to retrieve USB Output from the Monitoring Point.  The USB will need to be formatted to FAT32, as exFAT or NTFS may not give any results.
Please insert a Blank FAT32 Formatted USB drive into the monitoring point for 2 minutes.  After 2 minutes disconnect the USB drive and check it for files, if any are present please attach them to this ticket.  If you're having trouble formatting to FAT32, use PowerShell or other tools to complete the format.

If you are running software version 3.12 or newer, you may need to enable USB in order to retrieve logs.  If you can't retrieve any files after attempting, you may need to skip this step. 

3.  The monitoring point should respond to ping, so you can try and ping the IP of the appliance.  If the device is responding, we may simply need to re-provision the appliance for your organization.   

4.  You can also try and log in to the monitoring point using its Private ip address through a web browser:  http://<private ip of monitoring point> 

If you can reach the appliance, you should be able to log in with the username 'admin' and the password that was configured.   Please note the factory default password has been changed as of 13.12.0

You may need to review the default monitoring point admin credentials for you model.