Collecting Message Audit Log details for a support case
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Collecting Message Audit Log details for a support case


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Messaging Gateway


You have a case open with Messaging Gateway technical support and you have been asked to provide Message Audit Log details for specific messages.


Release : 10.8


Message Audit Log details contain very useful information when trying to determine what occurred with a message transaction. The Message Audit Logs search results have an option to export the results to CSV file, but the search results do not contain all the information available in the Message Audit Log itself, so Support usually needs specific Message Audit Logs and not the search results:

When viewing the Message Audit Log details, there are typically several collapsed sections. Support typically needs to review all the details, so every section should be expanded for review. Click the plus [+] for each section to expand that section:

The best way to get the information to Support is in screenshot image files. With all sections expanded, the Message Audit Log item may be too large to fit into a single screenshot. It is okay to have multiple screenshots per Message Audit Log, just be sure the file names indicate which screenshots go together. For example, for two Message Audit Logs that need multiple images, you could use the following naming scheme:

  • message01_001.png
  • message01_002.png
  • message01_003.png
  • message02_001.png
  • message02_002.png
  • etc...

To provide files to support, it is best to upload the files directly to the case. Attaching images and other case files to an email may not be received properly.

For information on uploading files to cases, please see the following document:

Uploading files to cases on the Broadcom Support Portal