Brocade (BSN) - Creating and Managing Brocade Support Cases
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Brocade (BSN) - Creating and Managing Brocade Support Cases


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Support Portal


Learn how to raise, create or open a case with Brocade Support, and manage your cases.

  • Raise / open / create a case with Brocade support.
  • Update a case on the Wolken case management portal 
  • Upload files to a case on the Wolken case management portal


  • Before Opening or Viewing Cases - You need to register using a serial number with a valid Brocade Direct Support Contract. Processing may take up to 24 business hours if access requires approvals.
  • To Avoid Delays and Expedite Processing - We strongly recommend registering using your corporate email domain and an entitled serial number. Once registered, you can begin using your Broadcom Support online account.

IMPORTANT: Disable pop-up blockers for to ensure that the Case Management Portal launches successfully. 

Helpful References and Guides: 

New User Registration

Brocade Upgrade Access




To create or open a case:

  1. Go to the Broadcom Support Portal.
  2. In the upper-right menu, click Login.

  3. In the left menu, click My Cases. The case management page opens.

    Note: If the case management page does not open due to popup blockers, use the following URL: 

  4. In the upper-right menu, click Create Case.

Note: For Priority 1 or 2 cases, a Support case can be created using our online Case Management system and must be followed by a call to our Support Center. Alternatively, a case can be opened by directly calling our 24x7x365 Support Center.

  • Fill out all of the required fields below:
  • A serial number with a valid Support contract is required for all cases
    1. Enter a minimum of 3 characters to search for related serial numbers. The more characters of the serial number entered, the faster the search results will appear.
  • Case Category selection from a list of values
    1. Hardware Issue
    2. Software Needed
    3. General Inquiry/License Issue
    4. Configuration
    5. Code Upgrade
    6. Error Message(s)
    7. Performance Issues(s)
  • Case Priority – All Priority 1 and Priority 2 cases require a follow-up call to our Support Center.
  • Problem Summary – Up to 250 characters. Knowledge articles presented based on keywords
  • Problem Description – Limit of 700 characters.
  • Knowledge Base Search – Articles are automatically presented based on keywords in the problem summary

Additional Notes:

  • The Group Site ID field is only visible to Group Site enabled accounts. Please note that the majority of accounts are not BSN ID enabled.
  • Always confirm the details in the Contact Information section are correct/up-to-date
  • Alternate Contact – Enter an alternate contact to be copied on the case creation notification
  • Do not notify me checkbox – Click on this box if you do not want to receive case updates

    5. Click on the Submit button from the top right corner to generate a case number

            Your case will appear at the top of the Case Management landing page




     1. To attach/upload a file to your case. click on "Reply" next to the corresponding case

   2. Click on the “Upload/View Files button at the bottom of the Comments section

           Note: You will be presented with our SFTP ACCESS INFORMATION details where you can click on "Attach/View Files" Files" to proceed

   3. To upload a file, first select the "files_from_customer" folder. 

  4. Add files by dragging and dropping files to the folder


           Note: The file will appear on the list once the upload has completed its process. Depending on the file size and network speed, large files can take longer to load. 



   1.  Locate the case on the summary page and click on “Reply” next to the corresponding case


           Note: The Comments page will load and a Text field is made available to comment/update the case.

   2. Add your case comments and click on “Send” at the bottom right of the Text field. This will update your case and send a notification to the assigned Support Engineer.


       Note: The Details and Comments history is located on the right pane based on the case selected as shown below.  



  If the criticality of your case changes, please call our Support Center for proper escalation.

  If you have a concern about how your case is being handled or regarding your service levels being met, please engage the Brocade Support Management team via a phone call to our Support Center or by Escalating to the Duty Manager following the steps outlined below:

       1. Locate the case on the summary page and click on “Reply” next to the corresponding case.

      2. Click on the “Escalate to Duty Manager” button located at the bottom of the page

      3. Fill out the Escalate To Manager form and provide the “Reason for Escalation”


Note: A Reason for Escalation is required in order to enable the Escalate To Duty Manager button.




    1.  Click on “Reply” for the corresponding case, enter comments, and click on “Close”


   2.  Enter comments in the comments section

   3. Click on “Close”

Note:  This will not close the case, instead, it will send a notification to the assigned Broadcom support engineer to review and close the case.

Additional Information

For further non-technical Support Portal assistance with Brocade Storage Networking, please contact one of our Brocade Web Customer Care Representative at [email protected]