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XCOMN0793I & XCOMN0805I every 7 minutes in Windows xcom.log


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XCOM Mainframe to Windows transfers.
Every 7 minutes these XCOMN0793I & XCOMN0805I TCP/IP Connection Established/Ended messages are being logged in the Windows xcom.log:

2023/01/12 10:04:28 TID=REMOTE PRG=xcomtcp PID=7092 IP=MAINFRAMEIP:XXXX
    XCOMN0793I Remote TCP/IP Connection Established.

2023/01/12 10:04:28 TID=001207 PRG=xcomtcp PID=7092 IP=MAINFRAMEIP:XXXX
    XCOMN0805I TCP/IP Connection Ended.

There are no messages referring to files being processed i.e. there is no message "XCOMN0026I Remotely initiated first try" with file name references nor any message "XCOMN0011I Transfer ended"

Does the XCOM software have some kind of functionality to retry old requests and why aren't any files being processed?


Release : 11.6


There is a 7 minute default retry interval with XCOM for z/OS per CONFIG Member Parameter ERRINTV.
There are 4 parameters FERL, SERL, VERL and TERL which control the retries.
These are useful articles:
XCOM for z/OS continuously tries to connect after a transfer fails
XCOM for z/OS retry functionality for TYPE=EXECUTE transfers
XCOMJOB ignores retry parameters for TYPE=SCHEDULE transfers

Subsequently the relevant mainframe XCOM job log was accessed which showed error:  #XCOMN0493E Cannot generate internal transaction id
Using KB article XCOMN0493E Cannot generate internal transaction id it was found that the XCOM for Windows queue had become full. So that was why the xcom.log was only showing the XCOMN0793I & XCOMN0805I TCP/IP Connection Established/Ended messages and not showing any file processing messages.
The queue was cleared out and the EXPIRATION_TIME parameter reduced for future use.
Subsequent transfers then ran successfully with all expected messages visible in the xcom.log.