Change display number format for Task Duration attribute
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Change display number format for Task Duration attribute


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On the details fly-out, there is no possibility to change the appearance of the field Duration for attribute Duration on object Task.

Currently there is three decimal places but we would require 0 decimal places.

In 15.9.2 before upgrading to 16.0.3, the Duration field was displayed without decimals. The view options settings are the same as before the upgrade.


Release : 16.0.3


There was a redesign in 16.0, to have the fly-out details display the decimals configured for the number attributes as stored in the database.

The "view options" applies only to the Grid.

The fly-out details fields do not currently have a setting/view options to configure them.

If you are interested in having the possibility to control the view options on the fly-out details, please reach out to Product Management:

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