PGP Command Line Migration from one Windows Server to another Windows Server
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PGP Command Line Migration from one Windows Server to another Windows Server


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Scenario: Need to migrate PGP Command Line from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2019 as well as upgrade PGP Command Line to a newer version.
All PGP Keys need to be transferred from the old server to the new server to continue the full functionality of PGP Command Line. 


Step 1: Copy a few encrypted sample files that you are able to successfully decrypt on the old server to the new server to help validate success.

Step 2: Install the newer version of PGP Command Line on your new Windows Server.

Step 3: Copy your PGP keyring files (pubring.pkr, secring.skr) from your old server to the new.

Tip: To locate the keyring files, use the following command, which will also show you your license number that will also be used:

pgp --version --verbose

Step 4: License PGP Command Line on your new system. For information on how to license PGP Command Line, see the following KB:

180234 - HOW TO: License PGP Command Line

Step 5: Run the version command from step 2 again and see where the Home Directory is.  Paste your copy of the keyrings from that location to the new. 

Step 6: Run through some test scenarios and see if you can decrypt some sample files from step 1.  If you can decrypt, you should be good. 

Step 7: Run the version command again and see if everything looks good.


Note: The PGP Home Directory variable "--home" or PGP_HOME_DIR is a separate task and should be reviewed and completed in addition to the above.

For more information on the PGP Home Dir, see the following article:

153398 - Changing the Home Directory for PGP Command Line

153244 - HOW TO: Set the PGP_HOME_DIR variable for PGP Command Line


See the  PGP Command Line Guide  for more information.


Note, if you would like to migrate keyrings from one machine to another, the "pubring.pkr" and "secring.srk" files can be copied to the destination server to be used as per the information above. 

Keyring files can be created on PGP Desktop and used with PGP Command Line and vice versa depending on the situation.