UIM - Build a URL Response Availability Report
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UIM - Build a URL Response Availability Report


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are currently monitoring URL-Response using the probe url_response probe.

How can we generate an Availability Report using UIM, Cabi, or the Operator console? 


Release : UIM 20.4




There is no out-of-the-box URL_RESPONSE Availability Report. 

So, to build an effective URL Availability report you will have to use one of the following custom options. 


First of all, with URL_RESPONSE you can monitor response time and other QOS measures available.

To have an availability report the metric that can be used is "Sub-String Found" 

The example below shows the different options: 


Below we are m monitoring the URL www.tmb.cat 

To know if the URL is actually available we can search for a substring of our choice from the returned content.  And look for the substring:





and enable sub-string found metric: 



The metric (QOS_URL_SUBSTRING_FOUND) will be 1 when it's found and NULL when it's not found


Once you have collected this metric you have different options for creating graphs:




You can use the metric viewer: 





You can create a custom CABI Report as the below: 

(To build such CABI Report follow the instructions --> How to create customized reports using UIM CABI )

In the report below it is showing the state is up all the time:



Alternatively, you can use the SLM application and create SLA Reports (broadcom.com)



View the SLA Report: 




Here is how the exported PDF Looks like: 




The above are the options available with UIM for building a URL Availability Report. 

Additional Information

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