UIM/OC upgrade preparation for upgrading to 20.4 CU5
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UIM/OC upgrade preparation for upgrading to 20.4 CU5


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I am preparing to perform the upgrade to CU5 tomorrow night (December 1) beginning at 7 PM MT.  I am waiting on final approvals which will be a go\no go tomorrow afternoon.  We did this in our test UIM and it went fine.  I will be following these steps:


  • Verify snapshot of the primary hub and the OC server in case a backout is needed.
  • Download the installer files to the UIM Primary Server
  • Ensure the files setupCAUIMServer and uimserverpackages.zip are in the same location
    On Windows,
  • Run the installer setupCAUIMServer.exe
  • Verify that Admin Console is working, that the alerts are being processed, that the data_engine is connecting, that OC is working properly, and that the queues are processing data


  • Download the installer files to the UIM Primary Server
  • From the Primary hub, run the installer oc-installer-20.4.5-windows_x64.exe
  • Select the OC robot machine which is a child of the Primary
  • Verify that OC is running and processing data


  • Release: 20.4 CU5
  • MS SQL Server 2016 SP3, Enterprise Edition


- Guidance


DX Unified Infrastructure Management - Cumulative Updates & Patches

Here are some things to watch out for during/after CU5 upgrade:

DX UIM 20.4 CU5 Report Scheduler Error

OC Login Issue
There is an OC login issue where you can't login to OC after the upgrade if the usage_metering probe is not activated.
- This issue is fixed by UIM 20.47 OC webapp. (ump_operatorconsole-20.4.7.zip) available on the download site listed above.
Also, here is a checklist and full planning document you can use and follow for more extensive overall coverage when installing/upgrading 20.4:
DX UIM Upgrade Guide and Pre-Planning Checklist for 20.4