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Using CA 7 ARF to send a message to console when a job is in LATE status


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CA 7 Workload Automation


In CA 7 I need a mechanism that notifies me when a job is late.
From the manual, I noticed that ARF could be used to send a message to the console.
How do you setup and create an ARF to send a delayed routine message to the console and associate it with a job?


Release : 12.1

Component : CA 7


To setup and create an ARF to send a delayed routine message to the console follow the steps below:
1) Use  ARF (Automated Recovery Facility) to create an ARFSET exception condition rule TYPE: LA which results when CA 7 initially prompts for a LATE job execution status condition in the LQ.   No type-specific tests are defined for the LA exception.
2) Define a Response action in the ARFSET rule to take when a job is showing LATE for execution and send a message to the console.  
3) Below is a screenshot example of an ARFSET name definition (called JOBLATE) to send a  message to the console.  TYPE: must be TYPE: LA  and  RESPONSES: AM,CM=C,M=&JOBNAME LATE LATE!!!

4)  Add the ARFSET name to a job via the DB.1 JOB Definition panel as follows:

 -  In the Requirements section - ARFSET:   Up to 8 alpha character name 

 - In the Messages section - PROMPTS: Y

Once the ARFSET name is created and defined to the Job if the Job is late for execution you should see it flagged as LATE in CA 7 LQ.
An alert message similar to the one below will show up in the CA 7 Log file and CA 7 Browse dataset.
SCNP-11 JOB DAVEBTI1(0151)   SYS=DAVE                        *** IS LATE ***
REQUIRED BY 22.291 AT 1745, MUST START BY 22.291  AT 1646
SCHID=010 PROSE#=00000000 ERQD=000 ENSAT=000 IRQD=000 INSAT=000
MCNT=001 FLAGS=34/0C/20/02/00/10/00
NOTE:  An alternative to using ARF to route messages to a console is to configure and activate the Master Station Message Routing (MSMR) Table.
See the article entitled Configuring and Activating the Master Station Message Routing (MSMR) Table  for more information regarding this method.

Additional Information

For more information on ARF, see the Automated Recovery Facility topic in the CA 7 WORKLOAD AUTOMATION 12.1 manual.