PAM: PAM Proxy service stops after version up and start up.
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PAM: PAM Proxy service stops after version up and start up.


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Windows Proxy application upgraded during PAM server upgraded from 3.4.3 to 4.0.3.
And then PAM Proxy stop after serivce start up.
He upgraded as following steps:

  1. stop PAM proxy service
  2. Uninstall old version on the server.
  3. remove PAM proxy folder ( C:\cspm_agent )
  4. restart server
  5. install new Windows Proxy application
  6. restart server
  7. start PAM Proxy service 


Release : 4.0.x
Product : Privileged Access Manager


This problem caused following case.

  • using differnt version between PAM server and Windows Proxy.

Windows Proxy needs same version of PAM server as patch level.
Following combination is not supported.

    • PAM 3.4.3 <->  Windows Proxy 4.0.3
    • PAM 4.0.3 <-> Windows Proxy 3.4.3
  • Old Windows Proxy version information cause the problem since he did not reset Windows Proxy information in PAM side.

After uninstall old version, he need delete Proxy information.


Please following steps during upgrading Windows Proxy Application.

  1. uninstall old Windows Proxy
    uninstall via Control Panel after stoping PAM Proxy service.
  2. delete Proxy information
    Remove PAM Proxy entry from Credentials > Manage Targets > Proxies 
  3. install new Windows Proxy
    Install Windows Proxy as same version as PAM server's patchlevel

Additional Information

Please refer following article when delete proxy is failed.

Could not delete the old unused proxies.