Monitoring Point Password Reset - AppNeta
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Monitoring Point Password Reset - AppNeta


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Password needs to be reset on an Appneta monitoring point.  We tried to log in to the appliance but we don't know the password.  How can we change the username and the password?


The Username for AppNeta monitoring points can not be changed, and is always:

The passwords can be changed if your monitoring point supports the Usb_Configuration setting in the appliance, if the value is set to True:

If the setting is set to false, then you will not be able to change the password, and will need to perform a factory reset of the monitoring point
*You can not query the status of this value without knowing the password, so the reset procedure should be always attempted if needed.

Resetting Monitoring Point password
 If you forget your Monitoring Point password you can reset it.

  1. Download the reset password config file.
  2. Edit the downloaded config file for your needs.
  3. Uncomment sections to be used (if required).
  4. Replace content in arrow brackets (no arrow brackets should remain).
  5. Copy the file onto a USB stick.
  6. Make sure the Monitoring Point is ready.
  7. Insert the USB stick into the Monitoring Point.
  8. The Monitoring Point reads the configuration from the USB stick and indicates that it is doing so.
  9. Wait until the Monitoring Point is finished.
  10. Remove the USB stick.
  11. The Monitoring Point configuration is updated.
  12. Any problems updating the configuration are logged in the usb.log file on the USB stick.
  13. Log in to Web Admin using your new password.

Additional Information

As of EMP 13.10 -  In order to use USB, you need to ensure it is enabled through API:  

PUT /appliance/usb

If you do not have the password (needed) to enable USB, please perform a factory reset using the physical button:

Which will restore the default password: