PGP Command Line hangs when script executes encryption/decryption
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PGP Command Line hangs when script executes encryption/decryption


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PGP Command line script execution hangs when scripts or jobs are run.


Scenario 1:  Execution attempts to access keyring files before another thread finishes accessing keys.

Access to keyring files is reduced or delayed, such as on a network share and causes thread collision if access cannot be had in a timely manner.

Answer: Move the keyring files into a quickly accessible location and use the new location in your script commands, or move to the default location in /opt/pgp/bin, and/or update the default keyring location.


Scenario 2: Not enough CPU processing power allocated to the system to allow higher-volume jobs to run.

Answer: PGP Command Line is a Powerful Encryption Solution. It has the capability to Encrypt and Sign data, as well as Decrypt and Verify data. It has the ability to do this with one file, or hundreds of thousands of files.  It can do this individually, or it can handle multiple files at once.  The way it can do this is allocations of CPUs.  

The more CPUs a system has, the more processing power and capability and the PGP Command Line has the capability to utilize each of these CPUs.  

PGP Command Line can also utilize the individual cores of a single CPU, so if you have a single CPU with 8 cores, then PGP Command Line will be able to utilize these cores to run multiple processes at the same time.  The higher the processes that need to be run, the more CPUs you can allocate it.  

As a result, PGP Command Line becomes more powerful and so it is licensed differently than other products, because the number of CPUs significantly changes its ability to process data.  For more information on how PGP Command Line is licensed, see the following articles:

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If you still are running into problems with PGP Command Line hanging after validating your configuration and jobs, reach out to  Symantec Encryption Support  for further guidance.