Kaspersky Bring Your Own License Procedure
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Kaspersky Bring Your Own License Procedure


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Content Analysis Software


Kaspersky and Broadcom have an agreement that allows for a license of the Kaspersky software to be used in the Content Analysis System.  This is a special form of the license that allows Kaspersky scanning for a network with multiple users.


Content Analysis or higher


Use the following steps to set up a Kaspersky license in the Content Analysis System.

  1. Go to the URL: https://go.kaspersky.com/Broadcom.html

  2. Fill in the registration information:
  3. Work with Kaspersky to get the license package.
  4. Retrieve the license activation code from the Kaspersky package.
  5. Open the browser and login to Content Analysis System.
  6. In the Management Console, go to System -> Licensing
  7. Next to Kaspersky click Import/Update
  8. Enter the activation code in the dialog and Click Import/Update

    You will receive a success message.
  9. Click OK to begin the process of downloading the Kaspersky module and patterns to the Content Analysis. Once the download has completed, on the licensing screen, the Kaspersky Labs status will be "available" and will reflect a license expiration date.
  10. You can then select the active checkbox and “Save Changes” to begin using the Kaspersky scanning.