PRD shows duplicate CDM QOS targets
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PRD shows duplicate CDM QOS targets


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The Performance Report Designer (PRD) is showing duplicate targets when setting up QOS Selection Target.

One is showing with short hostname the other with FQDN name. 

Only one of the objects has data showing in PRD


Release : DX UIM 20.4.*, 23.4.*

Component : CDM Probe any version


Duplicated QOS target shortname vs FQDN


The reason for this issue could be that The CDM target in question results as (hostname.domain.coml FQDN most possibly because the robot hostname is resolving as FQDN name.

(If this starts at some point, it can create a new target which is not matching anymore with the old one)


There is a key/check box in the robot controller to force the QOS to use the robot name instead, to maintain the consistency of QOS. 



Test the steps below for one robot and see what is the result. 

If this procedure gives good results you can apply a global solution (I.e. pushing a superpackage to all robots affected)


1. On the test robot check the following key: 

robotname = 

If it's empty it means that the robot's name is set to be "automatically detected". 

Please go to the Controller GUI > Nimsoft Tab and set "Set Specific name" (override) 


2. Now in the Misc tab tick the box "Set qos source to robot name instead of computer hostname" 

3. Save 

4. Clear niscache on this robot How to clear the niscache on an individual robot (


Now, wait for a few polling cycles to see what is the result in the PRD and/or DB. 

After the consolidation has occurred (data showing for one single target with shortname only) you can consider merging the objects into one (so all historic data is moved to the "active" object)



Additional Information

To Merge single objects see the Merge Docs:

SLM Data Management (

Go to Database Status > wait for the QOS to appear > select the QOS and then select the 2 objects to merge: