Managing u_fmat60, u_fmhs60 and u_fmph60 file size
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Managing u_fmat60, u_fmhs60 and u_fmph60 file size


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We observed that the below files size grows massively and cause connectivity and job launch issues 

  • u_fmat60.dta
  • u_fmat60.idx
  • u_fmhs60.dta
  • u_fmhs60.ids
  • u_fmph60.dta
  • u_fmph60.idx

How can we manage the size of these file for smooth operation?


Release : 6.x



The mentioned files maintains the execution history detail of the jobs and should not be removed directly (file deletion). Refer Tech Doc: Area specific data files for more details around Area specific data files.

File details

  • u_fmhs60.dta Execution history Production History
  • u_fmph60.dta Execution history (technical pointer) Production History
  • u_fmat60.dta Audit/trail Security

The above mentioned file size can grow for below reasons

  • The numbers of jobs executed per day are large and the history and audit retention period is set with default value of 7 and 90 days
  • There may be lot of unattended, unfinished(i.e. Launch-wait, Event-wait) jobs in the system 


  • Cleaning: Remove the unattended jobs with job status of Event-Wait or Launch-Wait those are no more valid. The jobs can be cleaned via UVC -> Monitoring -> Job Runs -> Filter by status (event-wait, launch-wait) -> Delete Jobs no more relevant
  • Tuning retention:
    • Reduce the history retention time, default is set to 7 days. 
    • Reduce the audit trail retention, default is set to 90 days

Refer Tech doc: Node settings maintenance purge in area

Example: history retention in area X is set in format DDD:HH:MM default 007:00:00 and can be set to lower number, but it will take 7 days to reflect.

Example: Retention for audit trail in area X is set in format DDD:HH:MM default 090:00:00 and can be set to lower number, like 014:00:00

  • Reinitializing:  Above files can be reinitialize, doing so will result in data loss i.e. the history trace and execution history and recommended to use judiciously

Reinitialize commands: refer KB How to reinitialize the Audit Trail for more details 

    • uxrazfic  u_fmhs60  X,
    • uxrazfic  u_fmph60 X
    • uxrazfic u_fmat60 X