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Can Endpoint Prevent Agent monitor file uploads in MS Edge with NetworkServiceSandboxEnabled.


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


Microsoft has enabled Network Service Sandbox Enabled mode from Edge 102 onward as noted in Microsoft Edge - Policies - NetworkServiceSandboxEnabled

We would like to know if the detection of file uploads in the Edge browser will be impacted?

If yes, can we use the same workaround as for Chrome (manually disable the sandbox feature using a GPO) noted in Article 233747 - Chrome detection fails with Network Service Sandbox Enabled


Release : 15.8

Component : Default-Sym


Edge update


No action is required as the NetworkServiceSandboxEnabled mode does not impact Edge Chromium monitoring on 15.8.x or later.

Endpoint Edge (HTTPS) monitoring will work on any 15.8.x Endpoint Agent build. 


Additional Information

As always recommended, apply the latest General Available (GA) DLP Version, Maintenance Pack (MP) and Hot Fix (HF) available.

DLP Agent releases available for LiveUpdate 

DLP Endpoint Agent build numbers and latest hotfix information