Difference between two fields with the same name (ie. Allocation or Actuals)
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Difference between two fields with the same name (ie. Allocation or Actuals)


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Within the Modern UX, I see 2 stock fields with the same name. 

Here are some of fields we see duplicated in the Modern UX in Staffing:

  • Allocation  
  • Hard Allocation 
  • Actuals 
  • ETC 
  • Total Usage

What is the reason for both fields?  

Can we hide one of the fields with the same name? 



Release 15.9.x, 16.x 


There are 2 data types; a number (often referred to as a scalar) and a time-varying. 

Within Studio, you can identify both fields by the Data Type.  

We often use the term scalar in the context of comparing a number field to a time-varying (TSV) or per-period metrics field, to stress that it is just a real number.  

This applies to stock fields that are separate fields and do not represent the 'Sum of Periods' or 'Grand Totals' of a TSV field.

The scalar field always represents the grand total amount as a real number.


Within the Modern UX, the Administrator has the capability to 'hide' the number (scalar) fields to reduce the confusion.

We recommend hiding the scalar fields due to some known issues with not being able to use them properly in filtering or widgets. 

Here is a list of fields that are recommended to 'Secure' using the Modern UX, Administration, Attributes page: 

  Object   Attribute   Attribute ID   API Attribute ID   Secure
  Team   Allocation   prallocsum   allocation   Yes 
  Team   Hard Allocation   hard_sum   hardAllocation   Yes 
  Team   Actuals   actsum   actuals   Yes 
  Team   ETC   estsum   etc   Yes 
  Team   Total Usage   total_usage   totalUsage   Yes 


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