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Filtering by Allocation in Staffing Page (FTE)


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Filtering by Allocation in Staffing Page (Modern UX) does not work as expected.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Ensure FTE is chosen as unit of measure in Modern UX.
  2. Go to Staffing module (Staff Grid).
  3. Filter by Allocation > 1 (is greater than).

Expected Results: Only resources with Allocation > 1 are shown.

Actual Results: Resources with allocation of 1, even 0 are still shown.


Release : 15.9.3, 16.x 

Component : Clarity MUX UI Usability



Root Cause of the issue is due to the use of the wrong 'Allocation' field in the Filter Section.

The user has selected the 'scalar' Others field and should be using the 'time-varying' Totals field from the Filter Field list. 


DE65079 has been closed with a disposition of 'Will Not Fix'. The user is picking the 'prallocsum' field which is a 'scalar' type of field.  This type of field has never worked properly in filtering criteria; even in Classic PPM. 

As of 16.0.2, the Modern UX now allows the 'Totals' (time-varying) data type of fields to be used in Filtering. 

Intended behavior:

  • The user should NOT use the 'Others' Allocation Field for filtering. This is the 'scalar' type of field. 
  • The user should use the 'Totals' field which is the time-varying data type of field for filtering. 
  • The 'Totals' fields will work as expected in filtering based on the View Options for 'Sum of Periods' or 'Grand Total' amounts.
  • When using a stock 'Totals' (tsv) field, if the stock field is identified as a Work Effort Unit type of field, it will honor the Unit of Measurement from the User's Settings. 
  • To reduce confusion with showing two fields with the same name, we recommend using the Administration, Attributes grid to 'secure' (hide) the 'scalar' fields.  This will allow users to always use the field that works as expected. 





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