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Ability to Select an Unassigned Task to add onto Timesheet in MUX


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The MUX timesheet when we Select Tasks is not permitting the user to select a Task to add onto the timesheet if they are not assigned (on an Assignment), just added to Team/Staff.  The allocated resources to project are not typically assigned to each task.

How to set the filter for this to permit users that are allocated to a project to select tasks that are 'Open for Time entry'?


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For resources who are on the Team/Staff but not assigned to the task, what you can do is:

  1. Click Select Tasks
  2. Filter on Assigned Resources = Is Empty
  3. This should show Tasks for which the resource is not assigned on Projects they are on the team for
  4. Save the View as above and share

Note: Please make sure the project does not have the Prevent Unassigned Timesheet Tasks flag enabled as per Can I Prevent Users from Adding Unassigned Tasks to Timesheets?