Can I Prevent Users from Adding Unassigned Tasks to Timesheets?
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Can I Prevent Users from Adding Unassigned Tasks to Timesheets?


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Our users currently have the ability to view and then add unassigned project tasks to their time sheets from the ‘Select Tasks’ Page. Is there a way to prevent users from viewing/adding unassigned tasks to their time sheets?

 Steps to reproduce:

  1. Log in to Clarity PPM
  2. Navigate to the Timesheets Page
  3. Select a Time period (i.e. 9/9/19-9/15/19)
  4. Click Add Task
  5. Enter the “Investment name” in the Investment Name field)- Optional
  6. Click Filter- Optional
  7. Click Show All

Expected Result: The Users should only see the tasks that have been assigned to them

Actual Result: The Users have the ability to see all the tasks in the project- including those tasks that have not been assigned to them


Release : All Supported Releases

Component : Timesheets


Restricting users from being able to add unassigned tasks to their timesheets can be changed at the project level by changing the attribute value for Prevent Unassigned Timesheet Tasks to Yes

To make this change for one or more existing projects:

  1. In Clarity PPM go to Home->Projects
  2. Click the wheel/gear icon in the top right hand corner then Configure
  3. Move 'Prevent Unassigned Timesheet Tasks' from Available Columns to Selected Columns and click Save
  4. To make the change for a large number of projects, also make the below change:
  • From List Column Section, select Options
  • Change the value of Rows per Page to the highest value (50) and click Save and Return
  • This allows you make the change to 50 projects at one time from this view

       5. Double click on the Prevent Unassigned Timesheet tasks cell for a project on the list

       6. Change the value from No to Yes for that project

       7. Repeat this project for any remaining projects that should have this changed on the current page and click Save

       8. Repeat steps 5-8 for each additional page on the project list page that should have this change made

To make this change for new projects going forward:

  1. In Classic PPM, go to Administration->Studio->Objects->Project
  2. Click on the Attributes tab
  3. Click on the link to the 'Prevent Unassigned Timesheet Tasks' attribute
  4. Check the check box next to 'Default Value' 
  5. Click 'Save and Return'