Endevor CICS/TS 5.6 and 6.1 compatibility
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Endevor CICS/TS 5.6 and 6.1 compatibility


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Currently running Endevor 18.1 on z/OS 2.4, CICS/TS 5.4, and plan to upgrade to CICS/TS 5.6 or CICS/TS 6.1.
Searched Broadcom support page, but cannot find CICS/TS compatibility information.


Release : 18.1

Component : Endevor Software Change Manager


Endevor itself does not use CICS and so there is no direct dependency on CICS.
That is the why the Broadcom CICS Transaction Server Compatibility Matrix does not include Endevor.
Also the CA Endevor Software Change Manager Product Compatibility page does not refer to CICS.

NOTE: Any Processors used to compile or assemble CICS programs will have to be updated to the new CICS libraries. 

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