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Staffing Active Investment Filter not showing All


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When checking at the Modern UX Staffing, it is not possible to filter by both active and inactive investments. Although there is one option to display "All", it is limited to the active ones.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Assign a resource to a project.
  2. Make the project inactive.
  3. In the Classic UX, go to Home > Resource Management > Resources > [resource] > Allocations.
  4. The default filter options will show only Active investments. Change the Investment Active filter to 'All'.
  5. All the active and inactive projects where the resource is allocated will be listed, including the inactive project from Steps 1/2.
  6. In the Modern UX, go to Staffing.
  7. Filter by 'Resource' = 'the resource from Step 1]' and by 'Active (Common Investment)' = '--All--'

Expected Results: Both active and inactive investments where the resource is allocated are listed.

Actual Results: Only active investments where the resource is allocated are listed.


Related objects (such as Tasks, Staffing, To-Dos) view use pre-filtering and only show Active Investments when using the Active = "--All--" or not filtering by Active.


Release : 15.9.3+

Component : Clarity MUX UI Usability


Use the "Is Not Empty" option instead of "--All--" in areas where the Active Investments use pre-filtering.

Additional Information

Also check Clarity MUX Pre-Filters