AppNeta - How to get a copy of your nis.config file
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AppNeta - How to get a copy of your nis.config file


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Nis config is the configured key within hardware and software monitoring points which tell the Appneta servers which organization a monitoring points belongs to. In some situations, we might need a nis.config file to apply to monitoring points that are missing the configuration, are moving in between organizations etc. 


  • Misconfigured appliance
  • Moving appliance to a new org


  1. So the first step is to get the nis.config file is to log into the AppNeta, and navigate to the Organization.
  2. Go through Add Monitoring Point feature, and you'll see the "AppNeta Server Connect" option here:

  3. Once selected, the section will expand.  You will need to enter the MAC address of your monitoring point, then click Continue.

  4. Choose Download File;

  5. Your browser will download a Zip file.  Once you extract the ZIP files, you should see the following contents:

If your monitoring point is using 14.0 or older, use the nis.config file.  If the monitoring point is running 14.1 or newer, use the the .yaml file.
Instructions for using these files can be found here: 

 See Additional Information below.


Additional Information

NIS.Config's are identical for all monitoring points within the same Organization, though every Child organization has its own unique site key and thus NIS.Config.

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