Metric for mcs profile just stopped working recently for a source
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Metric for mcs profile just stopped working recently for a source


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We recently noticed that we are no longer getting metrics for a few sources that we have mcs profiles with and trying to understand why?


Release : 20.4
Component : OC - mon_config_service


Upstream profile was accidently migrated to Enhanced profile.


Review the profiles under the machine itself:

From the screen shot here there was an overriding profile for the device as it is also part of a profile that is created at the Windows group level. That profile was accidently migrated to an Enhanced profile. Once that happened it pushed the configuration to the robot in question and that then changed the way the collection of metrics would happen.

A non Enhanced profile will update the cdm.cfg and use that as the metric filter, to what will make its way into the console. By contrast an Enhanced profile will update the ../nimsoft/plugins/plugin_metric/plugin_metric.cfg, the the spooler will see that and start to ignore any non Enhanced data that is coming in. So in the case above you will still get the memory related metrics, but if you had non Enhanced CPU and disk, those would stop report, as they would be filtered out by the changes that were made in the plugin_metric.cfg file.

To remedy this issue there are a couple options:

- Update all profiles to Enhanced
- Delete the accidently Enhanced profile from the Windows group (reverting it back to a non Enhanced profile)

If you choose to revert the Enhanced profile you will want to also perform the following against each of the robots that were affected by the initial accidental change:

Running plugin_metric_correction callback against a robot

How to clear the niscache on an individual robot