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Error: 406: PAM-CMN-5084: Turning the cluster on failed PAM-CMN-5119 license mismatch new node


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


We have a PAM cluster configured with 2 nodes. We want to add a third node to the cluster, but when we try to turn the cluster on we get the following error:

Error: 406: PAM-CMN-5084: :PAM-CMN-5122: Member: xx.xx.xx.xx1=> OK. PAM-CMN-5122: Member: xx.xx.xx.xx2=> OK. PAM-CMN-5119: Member: xx.xx.xx.xx3=> License Mismatch (Access, Password Management, A2A, SafenetHSM, BAP). Please check your configuration and try again.


A license was requested for the new node w/o providing the existing license as reference. Global Customer Assistance created a license with default settings, which did not match the license settings on the existing cluster nodes.


Release : 3.4



Per our documentation page Cluster Deployment Requirements each node in the cluster has to have the same license settings. When you add a new node to a cluster, you have to open a license request, see KB 195856, provide the System Info or a screenshot of the license of an existing node, and ask the licensing team to create a license for the new node matching the existing cluster license.

If you want to use this opportunity to update the license with new settings, you have to request a new license for each cluster node, old and new.